Saturday, 18th June 2016

On saturday we left our hostel in Geneva and headed to Villars-sur-Glane. We drove next to the lake but the weather was not so nice anymore, so no beautiful pictures for you! We had a good time in Villars-sur-Glane where a last challenge awaited us: park as close as possible to a spot marked on the ground, without using the cars camera. Fréderic did well ! In the afternoon we had to drive to Liestal near Basel, the arrival of the rally. Small refill at Shoppyland which offers 2 charging points where 4 cars can be loaded for free at the same time. A Zoe and a C Zero joined us.

And here is the arrival gate! Each team was greeted personally by Louis Palmer, and we could enjoy a party in our honor on the grounds of EBL Liestal. There was even a live rock'n roll band, thank you ! We are particularly happy that our Canadian friends won the trophy for the most popular team, and reached the 4th place in the overall ranking*. They deserved it well, as everything was new to them and they were able to adapt perfectly. * Points could be earned for the blog, nicest car decoration, popularity in schools and among the teams, little games and quizzes related to green energy or EV's etc ...

We reached the 3rd place with our blog !

To finish, I would like to share with you what Louis Palmer told us the next day at breakfast: there is no magic formula to find friends, you must have lived an adventure together. And I think I can confirm that, if I count my new friends since the Wave 2014 !!

Thank you all for having followed us, I hope that these stories have persuaded you to try an electric car, or to visit one or the other place. And let's try to do what thousands of children have promised to save our planet, every little thing helps!

All the best,

Jennifer & Frédéric


Friday, 17th June 2016

Friday was an important day for all participants. We have brought the climate cards to the United Nations ! After some interesting discussions at the school in Gland, we had a very good reception at the "energy city" Bernex. This label is awarded to cities which are particularly taking care of the environment and want to keep energy consumption on the lowest possible level. The buffet was very good and made from regional or organic products and served in reusable dishes. Finally the sun was shining and men and machines could fill up their batteries !

In Geneva, we had to concentrate very hard in order to form perfect numbers with the cars, I'd say we did very well, don't you think so ? We wanted to make a visual of the decision taken at the climate summit in Paris, to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C.

As a whole troop patiently waited to visit the United Nations headquarters, we slipped away to the botanical garden and the shores of Lake Geneva, enjoy the view ...


Thursday, 16th June 2016

Thursday was a tough day, it didn't stop raining the whole day :-( So, we abandoned our plans to visit the beautiful cities of Bern and Lausanne and warmed ourselves with a Caotina and a Bretzeli ! While climbing to the village of Sainte-Croix, we even crossed the clouds, what an adventure !


Wednesday, 15th June 2016

When waking up this Wednesday, it started raining ... And it followed us all morning, during our descent from Allerheiligenberg where we slept (a little) to the various schools we visited. In my explanations to the pupils I focused on the remote management of the air conditioning and heating using a smartphone application. This is a specificity of the Leaf, and the students were supposed to score this kind of things :-)

After a stop at the customizable scooter and 3 wheels manufacturer VR Bikes (notice the cow design!), we started a rally through the hills of the Swiss Jura in tandem with Marie and Benoît. Throughout the route imposed by the organizer there was a quiz game. We had to stop at specific points (farms, villages etc ...) and try to find the answer to the question related to the place. Good weather and the cows were with us - no fence, near the cars – this improved our mood a lot !

We finished the day at Biel in the Tissot Arena, parked in the stadium for an electromobility event. Football fans could follow the game Switzerland-Romania. Thank you to Daniele Ganser for the conference on oil and wars.

We tried to rest at the hostel, with 4 other francophones,and at least, snoring was only in one language :-)


Tuesday, 14th June 2016

Short tour in Alsace, unfortunately a very wet one ! We met many other competitors at our sponsor Multiplis in Haguenau, where you can charge up to 4 vehicles at the same time. I'll be very brief this time, time and internet access are painfully missing. Not easy this rally !


Monday, 13th June 2016

On Monday we made a quick visit at a primary school Erkelenz, the first school of our journey. We presented our car and team in 1 minute. The students could vote for the nicest car. At the end of the rally we will know which cars are the preferred ones of the pupils!

2nd stage of the day: Next Kraftwerke in Köln, a very brief stop unfortunately, as we had to charge us along the way and then there was no time left before the next stage! At the Wave, everything is about timing, because our next guests are already waiting! In this case it is the manufacturer of electric scooters Kumpan in Remagen. I could even (or rather had to because Frédéric had swollen ankle) do a testdrive with an electric scooter, but I was not very good ... But no second chance because this little testdrive was part of the mini challenges to accomplish along the rally!

We ended our afternoon along the banks of the Rhine to Bingen. We made a small detour and fond a nice castle with a beautiful view - only the sun was missing to make it perfect !

In the evening we were invited by the city of Mannheim, and the girls of the film crew accompanied us in the car. Interview and video shooting while driving, not easy,  especially for Frédéric who was driving and followed the GPS at the same time. But we should appear in one of the daily movies, which we will certainly show you !

And the Leaf is still in great shape, no worries so far!

See you soon !



Sunday, 12th June 2016

On sunday we started our day at Tönnishäuschen, small village of less than 500 people, headquarter of the company Stapel GmbH which is specialized in solar and electric mobility. We could expose and charge our cars, and the town had invited people from the surroundings to join us . They even built electric bobby cars with solar trailers and the kids had fun. The musician of the Wave took care of the musical atmosphere. Hello to our Swiss friends, here too they have decorated cows !

At the Fachhochschule Dortmund, we were invited by the electromobility sector. Small souvenir photo in red for fun ;-) And the atypical car of the day is the little bright green car which is as big as me! But I need to confess, I'm unable to tell you what brand it is...

We ended the afternoon at the "Bäcker Schüren" a very eco-conscious bio baker who offers numerous plugs of any kind, because he is convinced of the electric concept. Besides, it's wherethe van we presented yesterday comes from. And they have plenty of other electric vans, it was really surprising. Charging terminals are powered by solar panels and a complex system allows also the use of this energy in the industrial-sized bakery. Later on we could enjoy good quiches and pies in the production hall (they were almost as good as the Alsacian). One of the vans from Bäcker Schüren will bring all climate cards to Geneva!
We spent an eventful evening (I'll spare you the details on the cables, amps and other worries of parking) before sleeping at a neighbor of Norman, one of the managers of support teams. Thank you for the welcome and breakfast, we had a good laugh :-)



Capt'n Blue Wind

Capt'n Blue Wind

Capt'n Blue Wind

Meow, I'm Capt'n Blue Wind and I'm the mascot of the Wave Trophy 2016. I was born in Switzerland and my mom is called Jeanine Hug. Mom's friends and Louis Palmer chose my name because the Wave 2016 is under the sign of wind energy. During the rally I will travel with aunties and uncles in different vehicles, that will be super nice!

On saturday, I travelled with Jennifer and Frédéric in the red Leaf, they took good care of me and in return I helped them a little when it was difficult. The Tom Tom GPS and the Leaf could not agree on the same itinerary, but there were many km to go, so I checked the map with my new friend Justin Lapin. In case of need, Justin could have indicated us charging stations as it is the nephew of Yoann Nussbaumer, the big boss of ChargeMap! Thanks to us, Jennifer and Frédéric arrived on time, and I could treat myself to a good cheese sausage. And I'm even famous now, everyone took pictures of me!

Before going to sleep, Jennifer brought me to Uta from the Janbeck Fairhouse's team, see you later with new adventures.


Saturday, 11th June 2016

Here we are: departure of the rally in Bremerhaven as a convoy through the pedestrian area. On the photos we'd like to introduce two other french speaking teams, Christine and André from Canada with a blue Leaf and Marie-Claudeand Benoît from France in a Bordeaux Leaf. We will present you other atypical teams regularly. To start here's a baker with a Mercedes converted to VE, who is very happy to makes his tours in silence through the villages (small wink to the baker Sonntag in Niederlauterbach ;-)) And we have the Framo truck among us, it drives 100% electric, it's pretty amazing! Throughout the city we were accompanied by the super nice 2CV team from Freiburg, and a converted Saab. Once again, old and new meet with great pleasure !

Do you know where we made our first stop of the day ?? :-)

At our second stop, the city of Diepholz gave us a warm welcome, a real party in the city center, great! Unfortunately charging conditions were a little complicated, first sweating. We could finally sneak behind the support truck and take advantage of a red socket of 32 amps that we can use with the Maxicharger, which allows us a little faster charging . In principle we are only supposed to charge us with 16 amps during the rally ... Without this accelerated charge it would have been very difficult to reach the final appointment of the day at Dörentrup more than 100 km away across the hills and villages !

The arrival in Dörentrup was very festive, with team presentation at the microphone, bowling with the car and a  gym balloon and test drives with segways,  Twizy and other quick and silent gear :-) Look, we have the maximum of possible trees after only 100 km, it means that we drove in a very economical way ! Frederic is an expert in smooth driving and anticipation and the Nissan Leaf helped us  with the very effective B mode (brake).

We charged the car with 100% solar energy and have even participated in the world record for the largest  number of cars that load together with solar panels ! Unfortunately many crews were not so lucky and  arrived very late, which means that the day was difficult. To close the evening, a renowned German journalist, Franz Alt, explained the challenges of green energy, a big thank you for the privilege. With the  "Tesla taxi" from team vRBikes team we joined the Sonnenhof hotel at 23:00, thank you !


Friday, 10th June 2016


Friday was a day full of information and new encounters. We left Hannover in the morning and arrived without incident in Bremerhaven shortly after noon. We met with our Canadian friends during lunch and exchanged good tips for the rally. For Christine and André everything is new, cables, language, the progress of the rally. As our race director Louis Palmer would say, we're here to help each other and have a good time together!

Once all competitors had gathered, the security check was absolved (our contract specified a list of things to take to travel safely), and the team label put on our car, we spent the evening together. Louis told us about his adventures during his world tour with his solar-taxi and then we got details on the rally. Exhausted by this flood of information, we collapsed in our bed at Havenhostel, near the port.
And here we are at the start ...


Jennifer & Frédéric


Thursday, 9th of June 2016

Departure > 560 Km

Good evening !

after 10 hours of driving we 've arrived safely at Fuhrberg near Hannover. We even made ​​a small detour to Greece for dinner :-) No traffic jams, only a few road works, good weather but no heat, perfectly working charging stations - what else could we ask for ? The 30 kWh Leaf charges much faster than our Leaf, there's just enough time for a little pee break until charging is finished ! Air conditioning is also much more efficient, and recuperation (battery filling) during descents is very interesting. And I can tell you there were hills !!

Now we rest in a charming B & B, and will come back tomorrow with new adventures.

Jennifer & Frédéric




Saturday, 4th of June 2016

7 days to go...

Good evening,

only one week to go... little briefing of our plans for thursday the 9th of june :

  • departure at 8 AM for Hannover, we plan to arrive in the evening

  • to start the rally as relaxed as possible, we will stay near to Hannover overnight, at the B&B « Les Volets Bleus » owned by Frenchmen ;-) We can charge the car during the night, thanks a lot !! And what's even better, they do something good for the planet by using rainwater for the toilets and a heating pump for warmth.

  • on friday 10th there will be 200 km left to reach Bremerhaven – and we absolutely want to visit the « Klimahaus » ! Want to know what it is ? We'll tell you more once we'll be there …

Until then, let's wish good luck to Frédéric because Paris and its surroundings are flooded and he needs to pick up the Leaf this saturday ! (actually I'm late with my English text and he should be home in 10 mins ;-)

See you soon...

Jennifer & Frédéric

>> to our new readers : click on the photos on the French page to see increase their size !

Sunday, 29th of May 2016


This weekend, we have received our sponsoring package from the Chargemap Team, together with our friends and rallye participants Marie-Claude and Benoît Kayser. A mascot will travel along with us, we're sure you have ideas how we could call it ?!

We're glad for having received a Maxicharger, which will enable us to use all charging possibilities, thanks to its numerous adapters for any kind of plug (details on Automobile Propre website).

This saturday, things will get serious : Frédéric will travel with the TGV from Karlsruhe to Paris to pick up the 30 kWh Leaf lent by Nissan West Europe for the rallye. First live test to drive home again. Let's wish him good luck so that all charging points will be operative ! On sunday morning we'll make a leaf convoy from Karlsruhe to Néewiller, in order to pick up our blue Leaf at the trainstations parking area :-)

We'll be back soon with news about our route to Bremerhaven, departure point of the Wave, on thursday 9th of June.

Jennifer & Frédéric

>> pictures to be found on the French page !


Wave Trophy - 60 days to go...

Wave Trophy - 60 days to go...

Monday, 11th of April 2016

Wave Trophy - 60 days to go...

Hello !

there are 60 little days left before the rallye, and we got our teamwear, thanks a lot Marc !!! It's also time to confirm you that Nissan France will lend us a 30 kWh Leaf, thank you Florence !

Our tour director sent us some news today, we'll soon come back with a little work for you, our readers and supporters ;-)

Have a nice evening,

Jennifer & Frédéric


For us Wave is...

For us Wave is...

Wednesday, 16th of March 2016

For us Wave is...



... a 30 kWh Leaf to test - Xavier thinks it will be red ! A lot of nice encounters with EV passionates but also interested people of all kind whom we would like to show how nice this new mobility is.

But Wave Trophy is mainly a touristic rallye that will lead us from Bremerhaven in the very North of Germany down to our nice region Alsace and then to Switzerland.

We'll have to be courageous and bold, planning our charging and routes in detail.

Stay plugged in and follow us on our trip that will start on 9th of June.

We'll be back soon with more details, we're in full preparation !

Jennifer & Frédéric

>> clic on the link on the top right corner to get more info about Wave Trophy




One day with an electric car

One day with an electric car

Tuesday, 19th of January 2016

One day with an electric car


Good evening !

We still hear a lot of crazy stories around electric cars, it's time to put aside the prejudice ! That's why we would like to invite you, to take a ride with us for a day, so that you can see that it's not that complicated and totally doable for a great majority. Once you know the basics, it's a funny game !

Have a good day...


on the evening before: I am programming the heating so that my car is warmed up at the time of my departure

on the evening before: I am programming the heating so that my car is warmed up at the time of my departure

D day 4.45: during breakfast I make sure that my car is charged at 80% as I programmed it. It's easy with the app on my smartphone

D day 4.45: during breakfast I make sure that my car is charged at 80% as I programmed it. It's easy with the app on my smartphone

5.30: I'm ready to go to work, the car shows 0 km on the counter

5.30: I'm ready to go to work, the car shows 0 km on the counter

14.30: I'm back from work, it's time for a nap ! I already drove 47 km

14.30: I'm back from work, it's time for a nap ! I already drove 47 km

16.15: I picked up Xavier at shool in the neighbour village, coffee time
16.15: I picked up Xavier at shool in the neighbour village, coffee time

16.15: I picked up Xavier at shool in the neighbour village, coffee time

19.15: the day is finally over, we're coming home from judo, Xavier is plugging in the car, total distance: 68,8 km

19.15: the day is finally over, we're coming home from judo, Xavier is plugging in the car, total distance: 68,8 km


Thursday, 31st of December

Holiday passtime ...



to finish 2015 well, Frédéric made 2 long time testdrives with Kia Soul and BMW I3. We can now compare 3 actual cars and we put the topics that impressed us most in a table for you.

Sould and Leaf are quite similar, I3 is completely different. Maybe that's the reason why we liked it less than the others. We won' t judge the design, as everyone has its own idea of a beautiful car. But the I3 does not suit us, due to the driving feeling and the practical aspects. It's difficult to get in and out of the car, the car is so large at the doors. And when you drive it, it feels heavy and difficult to handle (steering and throttle). You need strength to subdue the beast ! It certainly has more power than its 2 competitors, and it's good fun ! But in daily us you'll prefer a car that is easier to handle. In any case that's what we appreciate so much on the Leaf, it's easy to drive and seems so light. I still say driving it, is like playing a video game :-) Soul is really cool as well, we like the SUV look and the high seating position. And the the discotheque speakers with changing colours !

Happy new year 2016 - may it be even more electric than the previous one ! Go and make some test drives ! And do not forget we're here to give you advice as Nissan Leaf ambassadors, you'll get a bonus when buying a Leaf...

Thanks for your loyalty, tell us if you like reading us or if you have some suggestions !

Jennifer, Frédéric & Xavier


Thursday, 17th of December

Electric Paris !

Here we are again !

as announced the other day, here is our post about our express trip to Paris. Our article in the newspaper has reached PR people at Nissan France headquarter in Paris and the social media manager invited us to a discovery day and vernissage at Nissan COP 21 pavilion. Nissan is now well aware of  the importance of ambassadors or user communities to increase their sales volume. To show its engagement in ecology, Nissan invited people as Guillaume Néry, world champion in  free-diving, who can see the damages caused by humans on the seabeds, or photographers such as "Dronestagram", who are taking pictures of the world seen from above with drones. At the vernissage, we could also enjoy Paris' beauty through the pictures of the talented photographer "VuThéara". You may find all these artists on Facebook.
But before we enjoyed a nice evening with other actors of social media, we made a tour through Paris in the new Nissan Leaf 30 KwH model (that is not even available at car dealers in Europe yet) !

Florence let us drive the car as soon as we arrived in Paris, well, 2 little Alsacians and the traffic in Paris, that could be interesting ! But Frédéric got confident quite quickly and enjoyed a car without gears. You need to take quick actions and be patient in traffic jams. Leaf is perfect in these situations, it's powerful and doesn't waste energy when it's stopped. And it does not stink the place out like the lots of scooters and motorbikes around us. And on this friday, Paris was jammed everywhere.

It took us nearly 2 hours to cover the 25 km to join the group who made the test drive with us in the afternoon, ! A nightmare... But no stress at all, Leaf is so silent :-) You might say we're used to this, but believe me, we now know how lucky we are to live on the countryside, and even more, drive electric !  We followed the official test drive tour only a little and then made our own tour through the Vallée de la Chevreuse, Versailles and back to Paris along the quays of the Seine and the Champs Elysées, brightly lit for Christmas. All in all some 100 Km in one day.

Verdict: the difference between our first generation Leaf and this one is clear. The B (brake) mode is very efficient and is recuperating energy very well with a minimum use of the brakes. For the non EV drivers, this means that when releasing the accelerator, the car is slowing down as if you would brake and is filling the batteries at the same time. And it's even more efficient downhill ! This means that with one battery "bar" you may cover 15 km, whereas with our car it's rather 10 km ! The car also seems more powerful when accelerating, what increases the feeling of safety. Unfortunately we couldn't properly test the range, as we did not drive far enough, but we're sure there will be another opportunity to do so :-) We're sure of it, this car will cover the needs of a majority, make a testdrive and you'll be convinced !

See you soon...
Jennifer & Frédéric

PS: a special thanks to James Morlaix who took us back to the hotel in his Tesla :-)


Tuesday, 8th of December

Konnichiwa !

Hello everyone !

the last weeks were rich of emotions, we need to tell you !

My trip to Nissan in Yokohama, Japan, was very enriching. It was a unique occasion of exchanging views with a car maker and EV addicts from all around the world. Only 11 people were selected to enter the Nissan fortress : two Japanese, one Canadian, one Norwegian, two English, four Americans and me from France. I learnt that the needs and wishes  around EV's differ quite a lot from on continent to another.

Nissan was eager to get our comments and I found one thread through my stay: respect and altruism. Japanese culture is built on these two pillars. And I can confirm you Nissan are taking this seriously when they are conceiving new cars or services. Leaf pals, think of some sounds or messages you cannot disconnect permanently, this can get annoying, can't it? Well then remember that it's for peoples safety and yours of course ! Nearly all our discussion topics were more or less related to safety and respect of international rules. To me this is totally logical for a Japanese company, and finally for any company. It's worth thinking twice before grumping about this or that functionality :-)

I didn't see much of Japan, but we were given the possibility to visit Tokyo Motor Show, the equivalent of IAA in Frakfurt or Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris. Of course IDS Concept was the star of the Nissan booth. One can only hope to see such a car very soon on the streets ! Its major innovation is autonomous drive, the steering wheel and the pedals are hiding and the seats are moving in order to give passengers more space for a nice chat. The car is hyper connected and a real multinedia centre. I took a few pictures for you and can only recommend you to have a look at the many videos that are available on You Tube  (and in particular the one I put on the french page of this blog !)...

And I couldn't leave the island before having had a small insight in its rich culture. Before leaving on saturday,  I went with my friends François from Québec and Yoichi and Koichi from Japan  to Soji-Ji temple. It's a wonderful oasis of peace and I really want to go back to learn more about the culture of this beautiful country ! Arigatou my friends for the things you showed me, I really appreciate it ! Dear readers, enjoy a few pics.

My little trip made it to the local newspaper, thank you Véronique Kohler, you've been listening to us with great interest since we started our preparations for Wave Trophy in 2014. Thanks to the latest article  we went to Paris the last weekend... More in our next post !!


Wednesday, 28th of October

Chargers, fuel and Asia

...that's in short  the current menu :-)

On 17th of October we were invited to the inauguration of 2 new charging stations, one at Garage Mattern in Triembach au Val and one very innovative in Haguenau in the airport zone. The so called Versus charging station is covered with solar panels and allows 4 vehicles to have a quick charge simultaneously ! It was a great opportunity to meet our Alsacian and Swiss EV friends who came especially for this event (please also see our new link "e-lime" on the right hand side). Even Louis Palmer, manager of Wave Trophy, came to meet us and check out the surroundings for the Wave 2016 :-) Let's hope we did our ambassador job well and convinced the many curious visitors to make a test drive with an EV ! Big thanks to the oganizers !

Radical contrast 2 days later... We took the gasoline family car to travel to Belgium. Only 1 or 2 quick chargers were missing in Germany to enable us to take the Leaf, what a pity...

Conclusion: it's noisy, it's stressing and it makes you aggressive !! Friends, make a test drive with an EV !!

Asia: this is where I'll be in 5 days ! My new project in the GLAB (Global Leaf Advisory Board) will start in Yokohama, Japan, next week.  If you have ideas, worries or questions around the Leaf, now's the moment ! I'll try and give you some news quickly and as a bonus some pictures of Tokyo Motor Show...




Tuesday, 15th of September

New project for family Blue Drive

Hello everyone !

we're back with exciting news ! Jennifer has been selected to be part of the Global Leaf Advisory Board for Nissan Motor Co Ltd. To start this one year adventure, I'll travel to Japan in November to meet the other members of the group (around 10 people from all over the world) and the people responsible for the electric car department at Nissan.

This is what crosses my mind when I think 2 months ahead:

you'd want to join too, right ??

Be part of it and do not hesitate to forward any questions or suggestions you may have via the blog or email, and I would do my best to transmit them to Nissan.

See you soon,

the Appelshaeusers


Sunday, 19th of July

that's it, our holidays are over... We've travelled home with Marie, Benoît and their son Hugo, who are living near to Colmar. After a few unplanned "bretzels" on our route to France, (right Benoît?), Tom Tom has nicely guided us to our planned charging points. In Colmar things got a bit more complicated as there are no quick chargers available on weekends in this area. We took the opportunity to visit Colmar's city centre with family Kayser and took a foot-bath in one of the fountains :-) A big thank you and big hugs !!!

Thanks to Frédérics driving talents, we managed to cover the 128 km from Colmar to Néewiller without another charge !

And here are a few figures from our adventure:

7 days - 1171 km - 155 KW used

1 KW costs roughly 15 Euro cent, this makes at total of 23 EUR, i.e. 2 EUR per 100 km only ! And the best: we did not pay a penny for our  electricity !! Can you beat that ?

Thank you to all of those who followed us on our trip, don't hesitate to leave a comment if you enjoyed reading us !

Take care,

Xavier, Frédéric and Jennifer


Saturday, 18th of July

this saturday we slowly take our way back home, in order to meet 3 Swiss e-car drivers and a couple of Alsacian Leaf drivers (they also own a Mia!). We're really looking forward to it !

Alex picks us up at Martha and Anton's B&B in Wittnau and we're heading to Olten to meet David (the second Wattwurm!). The little restaurant offers a beautiful view on Sälischlössli... Frédéric is driving David's Tesla 85 D on our way to Frohburg, too cool isn't it Darling ;-) David assures me my little sandals are perfectly suited for our little walk... well... we only climbed on the ruins of an old castle...!

And finally here we are, at the Tesla Supercharger in Egerkingen, where Marie and Benoît with their white Leaf, Alex with his Zoé,  David with his Tesla and Erich with his Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (rechargeable hybrid) are waiting for us. We're making our own mini-Wave up to mountain restaurant Roggen in Oensingen - and again we're on a tiny road with lots of slopes that brings us up to 841 m a.s.l. !! The view is amazing and we're having a very nice evening.

Thank you to all our Swiss friends for having prepared this afternoon for us, and thank you to Marie and Benoît for having driven all the way from Evian to join us !



Friday, 17th of July

This Friday – we’ve already driven 600 km – we’ve enjoyed the morning sun climbing on Mount Rigi Scheidegg. What a pleasure to cross a lake with a ferry… The narrow slopes we then drove, strangely reminded us the ones from Rigi Küssnacht which we climbed during the Wave last year ! We then took a cable car that took us up to 1500 m a.s.l. But this was not enough for us, a few more efforts and we were at 1656 m ! It’s amazing up here… But thunder is growling – we manage to go down, take the ferry, charge the car a bit and it starts raining. Quick quick, let’s go to the hotel, we need a shower ! We’ve finished when the hail stops, perfect. We can start our charging points tour near Sarner- and Lungernsee ;-) Good news : the chargers all working !


Thursday, 16th of July

I think there's no need for me to make comments today... enjoy the photos !!

>> we changed our location that day for the Four Forested-Cantons Lake near Lucerne, did you guess ??

Good night !


Wednesday, 15th of July

after a nice breakfast at Hotel St Fridolin we slowly drove to our first charging point of the day that Alex (the one from Wave Trophy Wattwurm Team !) recommended to use. He came to pick us up with his wife Irina to show us the nice things in his area. Castle Habsburg was a perfect place to take lunch in the shadow of big planes and to listen to Alex' stories of this years Wave Trophy - which apparently was a real steeplechase... From the roof of the castle we had a great view on the surroundings and castle Wildegg, which was our next stage. It's an amazing place with an impressing number of rooms and furniture, and hundreds of stairs, ouch :-)

To finish well, we drove to Königsfelden Abbey with its wonderfully coloured windows from 14th century. And all this with 2 electric cars, Zoé and Leaf ! Our TomTom wanted to play games with us on our way back to Bad Säckingen and lead us over hills and tiny roads, that's holidays as well after all !! And thanks to our zero emission and noise car, people and animals did not even notice us passing by !

Thank you Alex and Irina, see you on saturday ;-)



Tuesday, 14th of July


The day in a few words:

in the end, these holidays are quite similar to the Wave in matters of wearyness...I'll have to make it short !

Needless to say that our visit at the Tesla Service Centre in Moehlin was the best moment of the day, you'll have guessed it :-) Look at the impressing amount of Tesla Model S, they were all sold ! Thanks to our friend Erich, we could even make a testdrive with the fastest model, I can assure you it was the rollercoaster effect !!! During 3 seconds (from 0 to 100 Km/h) you're just laughing like mad, it's breathtaking, hahaha :-)

Good night folks



15th July, 2015

Happy holidays !

finally, we've started our holidays !

Our first day (monday) was quite straight forward, we crossed Alsace from North to South. Did you guess where Super-Leaf did take us to ? The pictures on the french page should help you :-) Frédéric even brought his whole equipment, see picture 1 !

Thank you to all electricity providers of the day:

Ikea Strasbourg

Cora Colmar

Cora Wittenheim

B&B "au Grand Hêtre", Schnepfenried, thank you family Spenlé ! We spent monday night there, it was a very pleasant stay at 1100 a.s.l.

Leaf always had some charging friends, great !!

On tuesday evening we slept at Hotel St Fridolin in Bad Säckingen in Germany, just a few meters from the Swiss border - thank you as well for the free of charge overnight charging ! We travelled through 3 different countries that day, more to follow a little later, pics are already available !

Take care,

Family Appelshaeuser

PS: for all of you who did not guess where we passed the day, we were at the Ecomusée in Ungersheim, a great place where the whole culture of Alsace is gathered, be it houses, décoration or craftsmanship. We can only recommend it !


7th July, 2015

Count down for holidays, but where ?

Good evening,

Leaf is starting a trip with us on monday, but where does it plan to take us to ??

Have a look at the pictures on the french page, will you guess ?

We're preparing everything thoroughly, friends of the Wave 2014, we're coming :-)

See you soon,

the Appelshaeusers

>> of course we're looking forward to your comments !


22nd June, 2015

One day with the WAVE 2015


Dear e-friends,


on tuesday 16th we decided to immerge ourselves into the Wave 2015... Remember, our journey began with the preparations for the Wave 2014 ! But this year, the rally became bigger, longer, harder. By now the participants may start to recover slowly, they cn be proud of what they achieved. A few figures for you: 90 teams, 2500 km, 8 days. Not to forget the "kings stage": 1000 km from Berlin to Bern in 30 hours (charging times included) !!


We have assisted our Swiss friends with the blue Leaf, team Wattwurm no. 68, during a part of this kings stage and believe me (Jennifer), I had to take another day off to recover ;-)


The days stages:


University of Karlsruhe (KIT) - IKEA Strasbourg / Nissan Strasbourg - CORA Colmar - Auchan Schweighouse (team Blue Drive only)


We arrived early at KIT and were lucky to meet several friends from last year, it was as if we were still be part of the rallye... Thank you for this warm welcome ! We could also admire a few unique vehicles, handmade by their owners - there are really pros among the wavers. And look at my outfit, team Telekom nearly hired me, haha !


At the beginning of the afternoon, David and Alex (alias Wattwurm) arrived at their 4th charging point of the day... and they counted on us to guide them through Alsace along the "ChadeMo route", in order to arrive in the evening in Anwil, Switzerland. It would have been impossible for them to reach their destination within the day, travelling through southern Germany: there are no fastchargers !


Here we go, Jennifer on board Wattwurm, Frédéric on Blue Drive. The 95 km to Strasbourg are child's play. Frédéric plans to charge at Cora, but too bad, the charger is broken. Luckily Nissan can provide them with energy while David and me are charging at Ikea. It's incredible how many e-cars arrive on the parking lot that day. Think City, Renault Zoé, Nissan Leaf... The guy with the Zoé is not happy at all, it seems the Wavers are "blocking" all charging stations in Alsace :-) And he's not that wrong, as the next Leaf is already arriving, it's team BUGA no. 65 ! Quick, a little photo with "Mr Chargemap" in person, Yoann Nussbamer did come to say hello to his friends from the Wave 2014. After all we're also devoted members of the community...


Off we drive to Colmar, Alex now piloting the Wattwurm. But hang on, where is the TomTom leading us ? Directly into the centre of Strasbourg at 5:30 in the afternoon to avoid traffic jams ?? We quickly ignore the silly machine and finally find our way to Colmar on the motorway. We're all a bit sleepy, during the Wave there are no regular breaks and eating times...


In Colmar we wish our friends farewell and look forward to July (>> keep reading our blog!). On their way to Switzerland Marie and Benoît, Wavers 2014, are waiting for them at Cora Mulhouse. They also spent the day with the Wave 2015 in southern Germany. Thanks for having taken the Wattwurm over - mission "escort service through Alsace" accomplished !


It's nearly 10 PM when we arrive at our last charging stop of the day at Auchan Schweighouse. We finally fill our and the cars batteries - thank you Auchan for allowing a 24/7 charging !


All teams we met that day arrived during the night at Anwil, but not all were that lucky. Thorough planning was a must, anything else resulted in sleepless nights. But in the end all teams arrived in time at the final stage in Sankt Gallen, for the award ceremony of the Wave 2015.




Good night, take care,


Jennifer & Frédéric





12th May, 2015

Blue Drive, the return…


Dear all,

winter was quite long and there were no news - but this will change, promised ! Spring is here and with it, meetings of all types among the all-electric addicts...


This winter a new Leaf joined us in our area. The owners are already addicts too and very proud of having made this choice. We're sure they will know about whom we're talking :-)

And on our way to work we now regularly see Zoés, Leafs and Twizys - too cool !! Since last year there is a clear increase of e-cars - we'll definitely have to organize a come-together in Northern Alsace ! Do not hesitate to contact us if you're interested !


We also have a few pictures for you, this sunday we welcomed the participants of E-Tour Europe in Stutzheim-Offenheim. It was a success, several car dealers and owners as well as companies working in the e-car scene came to talk about their passion and convince the visitors that e-car driving is a pleasure... E-Tour Europe is a rallye that drives through 9 european capitals within 9 days and another of their challenges is to invite 1000 electric vehicles all along their route. We were no. 39 ! Read more about it on :

No Wave Trophy for us this year, as departure will be near to Berlin which would have been very difficult for us organize. But we'll say hello to the participants in June in Karlsruhe... more details in a next article...

Stay with us, we plan to go on holidays with our son and the Leaf in July !

Take care,

Jennifer, Frédéric & Xavier

>> pics on the french page !!


16th August, 2014


Souvenirs, souvenirs…


Dear friends,

first of all, please accept our apologies for not having blogged for so long, and for the advertising that suddenly appeared on our pages… But we had to take a rest, believe us !!


We've returned from our big electric adventure 2 months ago. And we still speak a lot about it. Thanks to our super journalist 2 very nice articles have been published in our local newspaper. People recognize us and ask us how was the rallye ! It's always a pleasure to talk about the best moments of these 10 exciting days.


Frédéric remains a plug-addict and takes a picture of each and every charging point he comes near to. If he is not just spending a whole day in Germany in order to refresh data on Chargemap ! (cheers Yoann) :-)


At the moment we are waiting for an important letter - you will see the content of it in our next article !


Until then, you may have a look at the 2 articles and a cartoon published in the newspaper. And you'll get an idea of the many gifts we've been given during the rallye. Thanks once again to all towns that gave us such a warm welcome.


Good night and see you soon,


your team Blue Drive, Jennifer & Frédéric


PS : pictures as always on our French page !


Sunday, June 10th - our way home

The last day has arrived. It's difficult to believe that the Wave Trophy is already over... A last climb onto Seebodenalp in order to say farewell to our new friends and enjoy a last quick charge with the mobile ChadeMo charger (photoshooting with Natalia included) and off we are for France, with a heavy heart.

We drove the first 100 Km to Pratteln near Basel all on our own. It's hot and annoying... And worst of all, our satnav does not even know the exact place of the car dealer Keigel, where we've planned to make a fast charge ! Eventually we found it, it's already 2 PM. We quickly plug in and ask the young people around the corner where to find the next McDonalds. Oh, a Twizzy just passed ! And shortly after a white Leaf, incredible how many EV's they have in this area. But hang oooon – these are our friends Yoann and Jérôme as team Chargemap !!! Of course they are avid of power as well...A little clean up and Frédéric and Jennifer squeeze themselves into the unique free space on the backside of the car. No police around, let's start. After having filled our batteries too, we make a little photo shooting in front of the charger. And we test a plug discovered on the backyard. We've become so hooked on power, we cannot miss out on a single socket... Jérôme plugs in his homemade adapter and clic, the socket is locked ! Bugger... No way to get this damned thing out again... It's hot and we're tired, it does not take long and we're convulsed with laughter. Jérôme plays his final card: a little short-circuit and that's the end of it. Let's leave discreetly, the owner may not appreciate our little games...

Each team takes his own way home. As we cross the border to France, we're so exhausted we park alongside the road to take a nap and eat some cherries from a nearby tree. Yummy.

Strengthened we drive to our B&B in Artzenheim, where Marie-Louise and Bernard are already waiting for us, our article of the Alsacian Newspaper DNA in their hands ! They recognized us at once :-) After a nice dinner at the auberge du Grenadier in Marckolsheim, we tell them all about our great adventure. The next morning we have rude awakening: a donkey and a cock make a « who screams the loudest » contest...

Only a few km left ! Charging and shopping stop at Ikea Strasbourg ! Brandnew charging column, thank you ! At 12 o'clock sharp we arrived in Neewiller. What an adventure !


DAY 8 - arrival !

June 7th, 2014

I'm late with our blog but there was so much to see and to do that I could not keep the pace. :-)

On Saturday morning we managed to leave Fribourg with full charge after all: a generous German hiker borrowed use his Swiss mobile phone in order to get the charging station to work. Quick quick on the way to Interlaken. We arrived a bit late, but not the last ones. While we patiently waited for the cars to charge, we refreshed ourselves with delicious ice cream. We then had to climb 1000 m to Stansstad. Lakes and gorgeous scenery, a nice port with summer sun – do one need anything else ?

Unfortunately we had to leave that magical place, but let's focus on the positive point: we got to know the Swiss Team Lightining Rods who are driving a Tesla Model S. We drove together until the arrival at Rigi. On the first half of the route, Frédéric was passenger of the Tesla, while Jennifer drove the Leaf through a crowded Luzern... Thanks to Karl's perfect driving skills, I managed to slip through the city without major problems. My co-pilot Erich told me all about his life with electric cars during this journey. At the transport museum we switched cars: Jennifer enjoys the comfort and power of the Tesla while climbing the 5 km of narrow street until Rigi Seebodenalp. Wow, it pushes you into your seat when accelerating ! Frédéric is far behind, in order to avoid wasting too much energy. No worries for the Tesla, its average range is of 450 km. (remember, our Leaf only has a range of roughly 120 km !)

We were greeted like champions, every team could talk shortly about his adventures during the Wave in front of the excited guests and the cameras of Zentral Schweizer Fernsehen. We could finally enjoy the beautiful view and the great salad and barnecue buffet offered by the city of Rigi.

Then the winners were rewarded in several categories: best decoration, best blog etc...We are waiting for the written results from Louis Palmer and we will let you know more. Sadly no price for us, but we're proud of having participated and managed to overcome all tricky situations.

Tired after all these events, we drove to the Hotel Rigi in Weggis. When descending the hill we reloaded the batteries with about one third of the energy we used to go up ! And what a nice surprise to hear the splashing of the nearby lake in our room :-)



June 6th, 2014

What a pleasure to wake up in the morning with a view on the snowy Alps and not any noise... This gives you energy for a new big day ! After one of the only breakfasts without time pressure in the last week, we began our journey as a convoy behind Louis bus. We speeded downhill in order to arrive in time at the BMW dealer in Wisp, where we have been invited by one local team to take a coffee. Quick break and off we go to Sion. There a whole supermarket parking area was reserved for us for charging our batteries in order to manage the 107 km to our next step Broc. Sandwich break together withour new alsacian friends :-)

We arrived 2nd at the water power station although lots of teams drove faster on the motorway than us, horaaay. Our rewardings: time to go shopping in the nearby Cailler chocolaterie and the right to take pictures of our car inside the factory ! During the visit of the factory we got a demonstration with high voltage elctricity (e.g. Creation of an artificial thunderstorm). Impressing !

Then we left just in time for Murten, where we made a parade throught the town and met our Swiss friends Alexia and Fabrice for apero – it was great to meet you again !! After dinner we got a presentation from the Chademo association and walked back to our cars at sundown along the lake.

We got a surprise before starting to our wouth hostel in Fribourg: charging had stopped during dinner and there was no possibility to charge in Fribourg without a Swiss mobile phone :-( Big stress moment as on saturday our first leg is 70 km on the mountains...



June 5th, 2014

After a good night in the nice hotel Allegro in Einsiedeln, we started our day in a school in Oberägeri. We have once more been greeted warmly by the town and the excited pupils.

Then we proceeded to the market place of Schwyz, a charming village where we enjoyed a guided tour in the narrow streets.

At lunch time we visited a heat producing factory in Göschenen: they burn wood from local forests and produce heating and warm water which they send directly to the houses of the nearby villages.

In Andermatt we made a charge-stop in order to fill the batteries a maximum in order to cross the 2436 m high Furkapass. All Leaf, Citroen C0 and Imiev queued to get a Chademo charging (fast chargin) – THANK YOU Natalia :-) We were a bit anxious as we had to climb more than 1000m ! But Frédéric had calculated well and we got precious advice from local teams, and so we could enjoy the view and make several photo stops. We even walked into a glacier.

On the other side of the mountain we made agility activities with pupils – big fun !!

  • park the car backwards as fast as possible

  • push your car 10 m

  • push a gym ball with wour car (like soccer)

  • make the smallest possible circle with your car

and finally drive a giant slalom as fast as possible !


Thanks to Goms-Ulrichen for this great time and the evening organised for us. Good night, we are exhausted (as every day...)




June 4th, 2014

We woke up this morning at 5:30 in our 8-bed-room and quickly ate breakfast as we had to start driving at 6:20. Quick washing in the car as we had to arrive as early as possible in Eschenbach in order to charge (90 km to drive with just one hour charging and lots of hills to cross).

The town greeted us with an amazing breakfast and then the school-marathon started: every one had to introduce himself during one minute in front of pupils. The teams who managed to convince the pupils that electric vehicles are great gathered the maximum of points. Same game in the schools in Kaltbrunn and Watwill !

In the afternoon we stopped in Baar, an important town for Louis Palmer who went to school there. Here as well the pupils judged us, but first we had to take them for a ride with our car.

And we're already on the way to our final destination for today: Einsiedeln. Unfortunately we did see this nice town with its famous monastery only by rain...



June 3nd, 2014

A day with several legs !!

- departure in Ofterschwang at 7:20 for Wolfurt: we crossed the Riedbergpass which is the highest in Germany: 1400 m above sea level. First our range decreased dramatically but then it was much better when descending the mountain ! Braking fills the batteries.

- In Wolfurt, pupils judged our vehicles - decoration, colour of the vehicle, visibility of our flag - we hope for lots of points !!

- In Bregenz we displayed our cars just in front of the Festspielhaus.

- Zeppelin Museum opened its hangar for us at lunchtime, we parked just in front of the huge Zeppelin :-)



June 2nd, 2014

- difficult day: technical university of Munich with visit of the particle accelerator laboratory: very impressing!

- 130 km to Schwangau via centre of Munich. We drove veeeery slowly and finally arrived after 2 hours of tense driving and only 13 km left on our batteries !!!

and here we are, near to Neuschwanstein castle under the rain, charging our vehicles. Still 70 km to drive to Sonnealp today. Tension between the teams is high !



June 1st, 2014

we posted some pictures yesterday evening and here in short what we did:

We visited a farmer in Wechingen who explained how to make high quality dried food for cows or pigs. And also how to make Biogas. Thank you also for the breakfast Mr Gutmann ! He even tested our car on the farm area and we think he was quite impressed.

Then we drove to Neuburg an der Donau were we have been warmly greeted by the town mayor and the Stadtwerke. There were lots of people interested in e-mobility and we could all explain the advantages of our cars or cycles. We even got a guided tour into the old town which has an important historical background: the first german protestant church was built there. In the evening we were greeted in the town of Pfaffenhofen and finally passed the night in Munich Garching :-)




May 31st, 2014

We did it! New world record of 100% electric vehicles : 507 !! Louis Palmer managed to persuade more than 600 vehicles to come and meet around the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart. It was really impressing!

After this great event, we drove to Schorndorf, birth town of Gottlieb Daimler, co-founder of Daimler-Benz AG. There we had our first charging problems: electricity was cut for half an hour. And we still had to go to Wolpertshausen on the same day... There the car only showed 27 km range and there were 30 km left to arrive to the farm were ae had to spend the night. But of course we managed :-)


May 30th, 2014

Dear readers,

after 94 Km without any problems we've arrived in Bietigheim-Bissingen! We've left Neewiller at 9:30 and have crossed the Rhine with the ferry in Neuburg – we were the only ones on the ship! Then we drove to Pforzheim for a free of charge charge :-) at the ADAC. Arrival in Bietigheim-Bissingen at 13:20 in order to load the batteries a maximum: we'll have to drive the whole day tomorrow and there will be no charging overnight ! We've met the first teams and used the free time for a walk in the old city centre (incl. First shopping for Jenni...). The next teams are arriving, quick ! Let's say hello !


PS: to write on a french laptop on the backseat of a car is really not easy...

and pics will come tomorrow... nightmare...

IMPORTANT : due to big internet problems, we will try to post pictures on the FRENCH page only... sorry




May 25th, 2014

Logo: Design by Jennifer & Frédéric


- print by (thank you Valérie !!) and our sponsor

- collage: Frédéric

Picture credit: Jennifer


PS: departure in 5 days !!


May 22nd, 2014

Everyone in "heart-formation" on saturday, 31st of May on the area of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Suttgart ! The world record is within reach...

Our team will form the last "T" in "Stuttgart" !

See you...

Jennifer & Frédéric


May 19th, 2014


only 2 weeks to go until the big e-vehicle parade in Stuttgart, we're getting really excited !

Our tour director Louis Palmer published an article on Facebook on saturday, explaining how challenging it was to find a bed for all participants to the Wave Trophy. We will sleep in hotels and pensions, but also in a military bunker, youth hostels and a city hall !

For this reason we need to be well equipped:

- cuddly sleeping bags

- ear plugs

- lavender essential oil to relax and reduce the hot shoe scent

- wolf mask to scare and chase away big snorers


see you soon...

PS: very important, if you enjoy reading us or if you have any suggestions or questions, leave us a comment ! You can do that below every new article on the French page (sorry, no way to get it sorted in other languages). Press "voir les commentaires", enter your name or mail address and your comment. Thanks a lot !


May 11th, 2014

Dear friends,

the countdown has started, less than 3 weeks to go until departure ! We're working at full speed on the last preparations...

An important point is the choice of the route we will take on friday 30th May. One day before the parade in Stuttgart all participants of the Wave Trophy have to meet in order to control the vehicles. It will get serious: our Leaf will be equiped with a energy measurement device ! The purpose is of course to be as economical as possible in order to gain points :-) (as it looks Jennifer won't be allowed to drive...)

We have planed to leave Néewiller-près-Lauterbourg in the morning and to take the ferry which crosses the River Rhine in Neuburg (D). This will save a few Km compared to the classical route via the bridge in Karlsruhe. And taking a boat is quite pleasant, isn't it ? After this we will travel to Pforzheim for a small charge. The whole journey will be around 100 Km, feasible without charging, but we prefer to be on the safe side in case of unforeseen events ! Only 40 Km left to the last leg of the day: Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Wish to get a glimpse of our team dress ? Stay connected ! Your team Blue Drive.


1st of May, 2014


The Nissan Leaf is currently the bestseller on the wordlwide e-car market. Nearly 100.000 Leafs have been produced since 2010 in the factories in Japan and the United Kingdom.

It is comparable in size with a VW Golf, Peugeot 307, Renault Megane or Opel Astra and has been voted car of the year in 2011.

It is quite special among the e-cars as it has been built around its batteries and engine, and is not a modifcation of an existing fuel or diesel model.

The engine has 190 horsepower and a torque of 280 Nm available immediately. The e-car distinguishes itself with his silence and absence of vibrations. And even more through his response time at acceleration: you push the gas pedal and the power is there immediately !

We bought our Leaf in October 2011 and already drove 44.000 Km. Price for the electric power: 2 € / 100 Km.

Short calculation: ( 44.000 km x 2€ ) / 100 = 880 € electricity bill for 44.000 Km in 30 Months !

Charging the batteries from 0 to 100% takes around 8 H, with a quick charger you can charge up to 80 % in 30 Min only. With a full battery you can drive roughly 125 Km.

I could write pages and pages about this car, but I think you should better visit the Nissan website.

I am very satisfied with my Leaf and think I will keep it for a while - or swap it for a Tesla Model S :-)

Bye for now, Frédéric


April 24th, 2014

Hello !

today we have the pleasure to present you the route of the Wave Trophy. 80 teams from 12 countries will drive 1600 km during the 9 days of rallye. Which means roughly 178 km a day !

We'll start in Stuttgart and will travel southwards via Munich and Schwangau, with his majestic castle of Neuschwanstein. We'll make a short stop in Bregenz, Austria, and in Friedrichshafen at the Zeppelin museum. After that we'll cross the lake of Constance and will all meet at the castle on Mainau Island. Switzerland we come ! Heads up, we're climbing and should reach 2400 m above sea level ! The great final will be at Rigi-Seebodenalp were we will be rewarded with a wonderful panorama.

Did we pique your curiosity ? Stay with us for more news and most of all, nice pictures !!


April 19th, 2014

You're reading Jennifers and Frédérics blog, we are participating in the Wave Trophy 2014 as team "Blue Drive".


Maybe you don't know yet what the Wave Trophy is ? In short, it is a 9 day rallye through Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Particularity: this rallye is exclusively meant for electric vehicles of all types. Cars of course, but also motorbikes, bicycles and prototypes with 2 or 3 wheels ! See you in Stuttgart on 31.05. in order to set up a new world record of the largest parade of electric vehicles ! This parade will also be the official start of the Wave Trophy.

More information on the Wave Trophy on our next posts or on the Wave Trophys official Website and Facebook page (see right hand side of this page). Do not hesitate, you'll find lots of interesting topics !


Do you want to know a bit more about our team as well ?

Team Blue Drive: Jennifer (34) and Frédéric (38) (on our blogs title picture our biggest fan Xavier is proudly carrying our teams logo)

Origin: Alsace, France

Electric car: Nissan LEAF Bleu Oxygène, year of manufacture 2011


to be continued...

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